Ece Temelkuran

Letters From Now

"To create a new and a better story for our kind, we have to make a choice, and we need to make it now."

Join Ece Temelkuran on an expedition to the heart of humanity in the 21st Century. This will be a friendship of letters to create our own quarters away from the communication diseases of our time.

"Journeys do not answer the initial questions, they simply correct them," says Ece. She wants to find the right questions to reach the answers and she wants to do it with you.

What Readers Say

Comments from the members of our expedition


Ece Temelkuran's texts help me look at society in a different way. It is fantastic to be able to get so close to the author and go on a journey of discovery together.

Thomas Smolders, BE
Founder at Hartstikke

A bold, inspiring and beautiful way to come together over the big questions of our time.

Katharine Orton, UK

This letter came at a time at a time when I felt so lonely. And now I am filled with hope. Being a spectator to what is happening in the country and in the world is now so tiring. And this friendship is like a kiss on my heart.”

Sibel Uzunkaya, Turkey
Pen pal

What to expect?
A weekly letter. From Now. 
By Ece Temelkuran

Writing is not a choice for Ece Temelkuran. It is an act of survival. Next to writing books, articles or opinion pieces, she will be writing letters. Letters about the moral issues of today and our choices for now. She is looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well.



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About Ece

Ece Temelkuran is an award-winning Turkish novelist, political thinker and public speaker, whose writing has appeared in the Guardian, New York Times, New Statesman, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Der Spiegel, etc.
She won the Edinburgh International Book Festival Book Award for her novel Women Who Blow On Knots and the Ambassador Of New Europe Award for her book Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy. Ece has been granted honorary citizenship of Palermo for her advocacy of refugees.
She is the author of the internationally acclaimed book How to lose a country. Her latest book is Together – 10 choices for a better now

A picture of Ece